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Author Topic: Audio For chat & Video & audio for admins  (Read 8144 times)
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« on: July 01, 2008, 01:51:49 PM »

Hi Am CroszNet,  Am a Flashcoms programmer and have done many audio & video apps I am Looking for a php programmer that knows this script and can help me add the flash files in the right places.   For webcams and Live audio. 
I will do all the webcams and audio work all you have to do is help me add the flash to the script.   I can add flash to php.   But this script is templates and a little out of my coding zone.   Anyone who helps will retain the rights to the audio & webcam Add-on.  

For development only! At this time.   This is a personal Project for me and the coders willing to help.   It may go public that will be between us in beta testing.   To Apply Email Or PM From this Board Thank You. 

(I will test with an un-active flash module at first until I know you can Add the flash to the script so real php or script coders only please new coders dont even try You will gain nothing.  )
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« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2008, 01:20:38 AM »

Aloha Sir,

We are very interested in your project.   And would be willing to hire the needed FLASH PROGRAMMER to pursue the idea.   Assuming I understand your post.

We recently switched to using this software and integrated it with phpdesk to get a nice working Help Center.   We 'Go Live" in a few days with our service, so not the best time to deal with this, but we have a very large programming budget starting next quarter (ie; October) and if we come up with a plan that makes sense, BYTemySITE will throw some cash into this plan.

The idea of having live webcam integrated, just sounds too cool to pass up.   So for the record, if your serious enough to help make a detailed project specification.   We can then hire the needed programmers, and move forward October/November. 

We like this product, and while other programs, like Crafty Syntax, we used before this, exist.   We feel this is a better product for many reasons.   So we plan to get involved wherever we can to help with the further development of this code base.

Anyway, the way we do things here, we write up very detailed specifications for programming projects, then we put them out for bid on RAC, Elance and other such venues, if we do not already have a contractor for the project.   Using this method has worked very well for us.   It takes time to write these projects, deal with managing them, etc.   So any serious cooperation with another intersted party is a welcome thing.   Normally we are on our own. 

So, the ball is in your park so to speak.   We are interested, and we are very easy going to work with.   So drop a line if you would like to workout a plan together.


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« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2009, 07:49:29 AM »

I could be out of my league on this and I think I almost did what you are trying to do.  I wanted visitors to view and speak with customer support and support to other ops.  I used an 10+ year old program called Webcam 32,  why? I don't know. 

I placed the Java Applet in /support/live/chat/main. php and replaced this : <img src="https://www. $domain. $ext/support/live/icon. php?picture&id=1" alt="Freddie" height="50" />

The program comes with a Audio Applet.  I added that in as well.   The format was all goofy looking cause the operator picture is tiny, something like 1 x 1 pixel and the applet was 320 x 240.

I was streaming a video feed from customer support computer and audio conference was working behind https.  However, we did not use it long enough for any errors to show up.  Customer Support started to give me grief, so I stopped. 

But I think thats the file you want to embed your flashyness.  main. php.

Took me about an hour to implement the applet, 50 minutes to chat and play and 30 seconds to ( vi ) and paste the applet.  I don't know what happened to the remaining 5 minutes.

I didn't take any notes on the systems, os, software, versions, etc. . .  I just winged it, like I do in life.
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