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Author Topic: Livezilla?  (Read 5367 times)
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« on: February 18, 2009, 04:20:48 AM »

Anyone heard of it? (hxxp: livezilla. net/) I heard it's windows only. .  I don't get how to use it tho the installer is supposed to give you files where you upload to a webserver and use their windows client has anyone used it before?
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2009, 12:26:18 PM »


I just tested it.  It is a nice software, but the operator client only works on Windows (I tested in Win 7 beta and PHP files on Linux server) but this is not a problem. . .  Why? Cuz' the forum here is full of ppl asking for a serial for WinAPP. . .
It have nice fetures included and it is all free to use.
There is no need to have an SQL database, you just need a webserver with PHP.
There are 2 executables.  The operator one and the server setup one. . .
The server setup will export all files that needs to be uploaded to the webserver.
Well there's nothing hard, it's actualy verry easy to setup.
I must say I was impresed about it. . .  the only problem is that my primary computer is a Mac. . .  :))
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« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2009, 01:44:56 PM »

Wow! I'm sad to say this but this piece of software seems slightly better than HLC =/ I'm really looking forward to HLC 3, but till then I guess I'll use filezilla. . .
Joe Beauchamp
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« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2009, 02:40:25 AM »

I had been looking at hcl strongly and when I had problems, started looking at another package listed by my ISP.  There are or are supposed to be nice features with HCL.  I like a couple of things about it, but the lack of help, documentation, etc. has been killing me.  I've had to experiment with everything that didn't seem to work right (but thanks to the 3 people who came up with solutions which helped me, btw.  We just need more help here).  I never got tracking to work, never got notice of someone on one of my pages, went through server logs - having to become an engineer for hcl just to make features work.  Reinstalled a couple of different ways thinking maybe I did something to it.  How can you not even define terms that you made up for the product? co-browse, etc.  I can't find what it is and can't get an answer?, etc.

Well, I thought I should be able to just use HCL for a simple chat, however, as I'm looking for yet another solution, I come across other comments of issues which will effect me when I get there.  Short time out, etc.

I hate to say it because HCL seems to have a lot of promise(s), but if I have to dig into the code to solve for me what 20 other people are saying doesn't work, maybe I have to bite the bullet and just start all over with something where there is enough info to make it work.  I don't like the idea because I got around several quirks of hcl and would then have to spend at least days reinventing my interface.  But, I see some real issues coming up for me.  I don't have people on the computer doing chat all the time - timeouts are a killer.  There is a lot of effort to set up the chat all the time and then to find out that you went out for coffee and now have been "offline" all afternoon - ouch. [One suggestion would be to notify an operator of a chat coming in - they have phones and other things to deal with and can't keep hitting something on the pc to keep HCL alive.]

I was going to put in my suggestions for a couple of things to make it more useful, but since I still am unable to get help or fixes for hot pages or monitoring, what's the point?

So, thanks for the head's up.  I'm looking at livezilla now (gee, I really don't want to put all that effort into redoing things).  Maybe when HCL 3 comes out, some things will work, others will be flexible, I don't know.  I love working with "underdog" products and helping.  Maybe I'll find that the switch is too much for now and just run HCL as a shadow of what it is supposed to do and then try 3.  As I said, I hate to give up, but there isn't even a wisp of info on the definitions of the features of HCL, so how could I expect future problems to be addressed?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for HCL.  Great concept for much of it, easy to get up in limited chat capacity.  Maybe things will change.  I don't want to see all this effort wasted..

Thanks again for the pointer!! -- Joe B.
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