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Author Topic: My install of HCL runs fine for a while then really bogs down my page load times  (Read 2643 times)
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« on: April 01, 2009, 05:18:51 PM »

I have had to move my install of HCL offsite to another server, because it was bogging down my page load times.   Even with HCL installed offsite I am still having slow load times, Without the link code in place load times are about 1.  5 seconds over my Cable modem.   With the code in place load times vary 3 seconds to 30 seconds.   I will show a copy of my config.  php file below in hopes that someone will be able to point out the issue.  The issue is not browser specific and I have experienced the same problem with HCL installed on two different servers.  The slow page loads I am referring to are the pages that have the link code in them.  When I use Firefox I can see in the status bar that it is waiting for my data from the server that hcl is installed on and no other resources are pulled from that server, so I must not have a sound HCL config or something.  Possibly I need to adjust my timeouts or cache times?Huh
// Database info
        // Your database DNS host name, usually localhost
$conf['host'] = '';

// The name of the database that contains/will contain the HCL
        // tables.
$conf['database'] = '**********';

// The username used to access the database.
$conf['username'] = '**********';

// The password for this username
$conf['password'] = '**********';

// You may want to make the tables have a prefix if it is a shared database
$conf['prefix'] = 'hcl_';

// The length of time in seconds that the database cache will be kept
$conf['expire'] = 86400//24 hours

    // Installation info
        // If you have safe_mode set to 'on' in your php.ini, change this to true
$conf['safe_mode'] = false;

// The URL where HCL is installed
$conf['url'] = '';

// Monitor visitor activity as well as chats in the request monitor
$conf['monitor_traffic'] = true;

// The polling method you wish to use
$conf['poll'] = 'load_balanced';

// Block IP's from starting a chat - comma separated list.
$conf['block'] = ',';
// Allow booting of operators
$conf['boot_client'] = true;
// Allow operators to delete transcripts
// Place in demo mode, system will constantly set the admin user and password to admin/admin
        // Don't be stupid and do this on a production system, it's simply to allow testing without 
// having some smuck lock you out

    // Regional info
        // The language you wish to use
$conf['lang'] = 'english';
// Time offset from GMT
$conf['offset'] = 0;

// Misc info
        // Your company or web site's name
$conf['company'] = '49er Communications';

// The template you wish to use
$conf['template'] = 'Bliss';
// Will display a link to the forum if chat request fails as
        // well as the default trouble ticket / email links
$conf['forum_show'] = false;

// The URL where the forum is installed
$conf['forum_url'] = '';

// The format that the operator's name is displayed in chats
        // you can use USERNAME, FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME
        // $conf['operator_name'] = 'FIRSTNAME LASTNAME';
        // $conf['operator_name'] = 'FIRSTNAME LASTNAME (USERNAME)';
        // $conf['operator_name'] = 'USERNAME';
$conf['operator_name'] = 'FIRSTNAME';

// Text size of the text in the chat window (in pixels)
$conf['text_size'] = '10';

// The size of the visitors chat window
$conf['chat_width'] = '400';
$conf['chat_height'] = '415';

// The size of the operator's chat window
$conf['chat_op_width'] = '400';
$conf['chat_op_height'] = '600';

// The size of the operator chat window
$conf['opchat_width'] = '400';
$conf['opchat_height'] = '400';

// The size of the request monitor
$conf['monitor_width'] = '400';
$conf['monitor_height'] = '400';

// The size of the visitors information popup
$conf['info_width'] = '400';
$conf['info_height'] = '300';

// The size of the initiate chat popup
$conf['initiate_width'] = '400';
$conf['initiate_height'] = '250';

// Timers
        // The default settings should be ok.

        // The number of second to put a chat on hold
$conf['chat_hold'] = '1800';

// The number of seconds the operator has to accept chat before
        // it polls to next operator
$conf['session_timeout'] = '30';

// The number of miliseconds to refresh the tracker.
        // This checks for initiated chat requests and updates the
        // visitors timer so they do not reamin idle and timeout
$conf['tracker_refresh'] = '10000';

// The number of seconds the visitor can remain idle until
        // they timeout.
$conf['traffic_timeout'] = '60';

// The number of seconds the visitor can remain idle until
        // their total time on site updates as a new visit.
        // Note that if this is different to $conf['traffic_timeout'] and the
        // user revisits a page after between the $conf['traffic_timeout']
        // and $conf['traffic_newvisit'] period the traffic monitor will not
        // refresh to show the visitor again.
$conf['traffic_newvisit'] = '60';

// The number of milliseconds to refresh the chat window to check
        // for new chat messages recommended is 3000 to 6000
$conf['chat_refresh'] = '3000';

// The number of seconds until the chat session times out
$conf['chat_timeout'] = '60';

// The number of miliseconds to refresh the cobrowse tracker.
        // This checks for new cobrowse, coforms and comarkers activity.
$conf['cobrowse_refresh'] = '8000';

// The number of milliseconds to refresh the request monitor to check
        // for any new visitors or chat requests recommended is 3000 to 5000
$conf['monitor_refresh'] = '5000';

// The number of seconds the operator can remain idle until
        // their status changes to offline
$conf['live_timeout'] = '1800';

// The number of milliseconds to show the initiate image
$conf['initiate_timeout'] = '120000';


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Not too much to say...
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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2009, 03:35:16 PM »

Yeah, I've been getting this as well, see my post about FF 3. 08.  What I thought was FF seems to actually be the HCL script leaving connections open or something like that.  Hopefully someone who knows more about this type of stuff can let us know what we are doing wrong?

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