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Title: Installation failed to create tables, show languages, etc.
Post by: eric on August 03, 2009, 05:15:24 PM
HCL: 2. 1. 7
OS: Centos 5
Apache: 2. 2. 3
MySQL: 5. 0. 83
PHP: 5. 2. 9
MySQL Client API: 5. 0. 83
safe_mode: off

I unzipped the files in my web root, set the permissions per the install instructions, then pointed the browser at my installation.

Steps one, two, and three were generally fine but every step after that would render a page with no text.   The config. php file $conf['lang'] would be set to an empty string.   I managed to work my way through that.

The database was never created by the installer.   I created it manually from the database. sql script.

The admin user was never created.   I also created that manually.

Now when I go to hxxp: mysite. tld/admin/ I get a login page as I should.   If I enter admin/somepass I get "username or password incorrect", as I should.   However, if I enter admin/admin I am redirected back to the login page and nothing happens and there is no error about invalid username or password.   I've tried using FF3, Chrome, and Opera and they all behave the same way.   I'm not getting any errors in my Apache logs.

I get the exact same behavior with $conf['demomode'] turned on.

Am I missing something obvious here?