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Title: Chat window is not responding after accepting a request
Post by: tuncay on August 17, 2009, 09:58:19 PM
Hi guys,

I reaserched much but didnt find any solution, i had to ask you.

Dear HCL team or experienced HCL users,

When I receive a chat request as an operator, I accept it and chat window opens, there is no problem so far.  But after window opens, i cant see anything but a blank window.  it is being loaded by minutes, I get no answer and than later my complete server is locked.  I have to restart my web server due to get response again.

I tried on IE6, IE7, FF.  I reinstalled HCL many times.  I configured every kind of permission settings on web server and OS.  But no success.

My server configuration;
* Windows 2003 SP2
* IIS6 (Using PHP Isapi Extensions)
* PHP 5. 2. 6
* Mysql 5

It would be very appreciated, if someone can help me at this point.