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Title: Problems with multiple operators -> messed up chat sessions
Post by: MF1590 on November 13, 2009, 04:47:32 PM
Hello all,

I have set up the current HCL (apache, windows xp, internet explorer8) with multiple operators in a department. The timeout setting to move the request to the next operator wasn't changed.

If a customer is requesting a chat, it will show up for the operator with the highest priority (#1), and will be forwarded to the next operator (#2) after the timeout. Problem: The chat request is still shown for operator #1 and the screen stopped refreshing.

This leads to the problem 'multiple operators in one chat' and it seems like the last operator that accepted the chat has the active session (#2). If #2 keeps his window open, both operators will be in the same chat. If #2 is closing his window, #1 gets also disconnected from the chat and the customer is chatting with himself.

Solution suggestion: If operator #1 is refreshing his window manually after the request showed up for #2, the chat request is gone (proper operation) and the mess with multiple operators in same chat and lost chat session doesnt happen. If we would force the reload after the same time as the timeout to move chat to next operator, these problems wouldn't happen.

--> How can we get this realized? Forcing the operators window to refresh after the request has moved to the next operator? Anybody's ideas are welcome!

Told the operators to call out loud if they take a chat to avoid this, but it seems to be tough to follow this request and it would only work if they are all physically in the same room.

Thanks for your thoughts and help!

Title: Re: Problems with multiple operators -> messed up chat sessions
Post by: thetao on November 13, 2009, 08:36:52 PM
This has been at least partially addressed. See (  In our testing, even after these patches, the customer/operator transport is still flaky.  But as long as the customer-to-operator connection remains 1:1, and you don't have too many chats happening simultaneously, you will probably be okay.