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Title: Old Bug Solved - File Transfers
Post by: rsd on January 17, 2010, 09:20:46 PM
Sorry for my tone.

I have found in this forum tons of explanations about why file transfers is limited to 48k.

Reasons given so far is:
  • php configurations:
    • max post size
    • max upload size
  • apache configuration:
    • LimitRequestBody (which I never saw set in a server by default)
  • for your security
  • and even dumbness of the user
However every time the subject is brought on the real answer is dodge and ignored.
A simple, I^Bwe don't know would be better to get other people helping.

That said the real limitation is in mysql.

The field type BLOB has a limit of 64k - 1, which converted to base64 gives the magic number of 48k.

So, if you understand what you are doing, just change it from BLOB to LONGBLOB.