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Title: Suggestions to Motivate and Speed Up The Processes
Post by: Inspiron on February 19, 2010, 02:13:31 AM
Hi board members.     Who am I to talk?  I just think that if you add a donate button, or even a donate to Spencer button, it would help ease the stress of helpcenterlive management, or it would toss Spenser a bone who already is motivated, but then he would be able to further accelerate the development of the great piece of software, excellent look too.      I would maintain my post and see the numbers skyrocket on those who would make a payment for the worthy cause of development here.      Please do not delete my post.      This looks like a worthy chat application.      And I only want to inspire those capable developers and money talks, unless you are very wealthy and you might be already.    

Also, I am new, I don't know what a sticky is, so I am not going there.    But being  a web user I simply scanned some of the titles and it does seem that there are a good number of people who are willing to pay someone to help.  

I saw the donate button at the top. . . . but I am talking about one for paid support.   Most companies offer some kind of support, but paid support, and place  more emphasis on it.