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Title: Mozilla Instructions for best "Revert to FF2"
Post by: semiguru on July 29, 2010, 11:25:39 PM
We're learning that the problem with connections from server to client is more in the browser upgrade versions than HCL itself.  I myself have been dismayed by the sudden cessation of HCL functionality connecting a chat session to operators :o.  I have installed with Fantastico, uninstalled and reinstalled a fresh manual install through FTP/browser.  This over a period of about a year and finally gave up until I read in this forum that Firefox upgrade from 2. 0 to 3. 0 (in my case) is the blame.  So I put it to the test with an extra laptop I had on hand that still had FF2.  Lucky me! Low and behold initiating a chat from Win PC #1 w/ FF3 to Win PC #2 w/FF2 sparked an active session! Though slow to transmit from PC to PC it still initiates with audio notification "Incoming chat request"  ;D to Win PC #2.

If you have FF2 on the client PC you're golden.  If not here's a relatively safe way to revert back to FF2, but test on PCs as I did first if you can.  Try at your own risk to revert.  GOOD LUCK!

hxxp: support. mozilla. com/en-US/forum/1/90311?s=revert+to+2. 0&as=s