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Title: Getting help with problems
Post by: HCL Admin on June 16, 2007, 05:24:29 PM
Folks, I love helping people out, however, please don't expect us to login and fix your server for you (we may offer to, but please don't ask).  Free support is what it is, free.  We're not going to install HCL for you, we can not Fix a botched install.  For these things see the forum about paid install/modifications.  That forum, and that forum only, people with experience with HCL can help newcomers and people who do not wish to do the install themselves.  The people willing do do paid work are responsible for their own work, however by being selective you can get an expert this way.

I'm sorry if this comes across as whining, but while testing HCL on this server (That icon to the left is the alpha test of the new version.) I accidentally left myself available and on-line.  What ensued was a chat frenzy.  Now I'm not complaining, it allowed me to test under more stress then most operators would willing do.  However, it causes two problems, 45 minutes after I made myself unavailable, I got done with the last chat.  That's 45 minutes I could not spend looking for a bug in the current version. 

This message (long as it is) only took me a couple minutes to type out (I type rather fast).  Supporting people in the forums is also a way to make available the experience, this allows others that may be having the same problem the chance to fix their issues.  Additionally, someone may pop up with a answer better then mine.  I'm certainly not omnipotent, merely a person.  I know for a fact there are people that have a better handle on some problems then I do, that's what a community is for, sharing the load, allowing people to excel at what they are good at.

I'm not chastising anyone who requested live help, however please realize that I'm not only working on HCL, but also tending my own live help, plus working on code, and that's not even mentioning family time.  Additionally I'll be changing the live help box to point out that support for live help is not offered over the live help, it's merely a testing platform for you see the client side of things, and for us to test new versions of the software.

Open Source projects are rarely done for money, or even recognition, they are however labors of love.  I truly enjoy working on code, and HELPING support the software.  People have asked if HCL is free.  Monitarily yes, and your free to edit the code.  However Open Source has a cost, you must be willing to use supported mechanisms for support.  These forums are a mechanism.  Paying someone to do the dirty work is a mechanism (albeit not one the project directly supports).  Expecting people to diagnose and repair bad installs, or expecting bugs to be vanquised during a chat session, is NOT realistic.

Help us (this means all of the community!) help you, post the problem, let a whole bunch of very smart people help you.  Ok, it took 7 minutes to type this up... :D