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Title: WinApp Equivilent
Post by: jophsetr on August 19, 2007, 12:59:34 PM
I really like HCL and have been using it for ages and I am really happy that it has gone open source but unfortunately it is not much use to me unless I have a desktop client to use. Is anyone making one or perhaps thinking of making one it would be much appreciated. Also for the meantime can anyone email/PM me with an address so I can download the UberTec version as I have a license and can use that while I look forward to an imporved open source version.

Many Thanks,
Joseph Middleton

Title: Re: WinApp Equivilent
Post by: HCL Admin on August 19, 2007, 08:50:34 PM
Work is planned on one, and of course anyone that wishes to may write one, however at this point, there simply is not enough hours in the day for all of the projects, so it may be a while before  I get to a WinApp or LinApp (actually, we're calling it hclApp, keeping with the theme of everything. :) )

Title: Re: WinApp Equivilent
Post by: bizstreet on October 14, 2007, 04:28:34 PM
I finally decided that HCL is the best Live Support application around. Considering it is open source, is an added advantage and makes it the best. Yes, a desktop application would be a beneficial. Would be definitely watching out for that.

Title: Re: WinApp Equivilent
Post by: WiFiTech on December 14, 2007, 05:22:53 PM
New Idea, what about setting up donate to the cause... I am sure that some of us would chip in the $20.00 for the WinApp. Just need to get someone to agree to develope it for $X.XX dollars. Then have it licensed as well for people that need it... Obviously, those that chip in now could get a bonus license or something. Heck, I would even pay $25.00 a year to have HCL and HCLApp. I don't want to pay the $99.00 a month to a third party, but I don't mind compensating to a good idea or product. I mean there is the Hardware and Hosting cost associated to just running this forum. I mean, the funniest part of this HCL product is that there is no Live Chat Button to talk with anyone about a problem. I like forums, but maybe a live chat that is then entered as a Thread with the operator assinging the Subject and picking the category to put it in... Of course, there may need to be a quick edit feature so sensitive info isn't revealed. Sorry just rambling. Blah, Blah, Blah... Yakkity, Yakkity... Blah, Blah.... ((hint head back to the forum...))