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Title: Newer/Older/UpGrades What Whicha Where???
Post by: UpsideDown on February 02, 2008, 01:34:03 AM
OK...going from my last Topic:,378.0.html

To This One..

If the osTicket  [last version] in Live Center is too old to fix, so they say and there is no simple answer to correct the problem, or they just don't know, and I have to go to the added trouble to install the newest osTicket....

I can install it right over the old osTicket in LiveCenter file?

What else might I have to do so it works with HCL? what settings, etc...

Is there now a newer HCL with the newest osTicket aboard? Should i just junk them both or start over? I get one thing fixed and something else pops up....beginning to feel like an auto mechanic.

I would have liked to have just corrected the osTicket problem I'm having before upgrading...with so many different scripts I've got loaded at , code is driving me