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Title: Advice needed please!
Post by: banka on February 07, 2008, 03:29:37 PM
Hi all, i have installed version 2.1.4 from fantastico deluxe onto my server which is hosted at See server info below.

Operating system Linux
Kernel version 2.6.22_hg_grsec_pax
Machine Type i686
Apache version 1.3.39 (Unix)
PERL version 5.8.8
Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
Path to sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Installed Perl Modules Click to View
PHP version 4.4.4
MySQL version 4.1.22-standard
cPanel Build 11.17.0-STABLE 19434
Theme cPanel X v2.6.0 

 I have created departments and created and added the code. The live chat logo shows on my site " online" and " offline" depending on what i select.

Now when a user clicks the logo, it asks them to select "department" and choose a "nickname". Once they do this they click " request chat". The page just seems to refresh and the fields go blank.

Now from my admin control i have open the "live help" link and it shows "hostname" &  "current page". When i click "initiate" another pop-up opens with " host name" , ip' address and there selected "department".

Now when i click "initiate" from this box nothing seems to happen. Am i missing something here???

Thank guys in advance.

PS: **In notes it says " You are now ready to start providing live support, so click Launch Request Monitor when you Exit System Configuration."

I cant find where to click "Launch Request Monitor".

Title: Re: Advice needed please!
Post by: victor on February 07, 2008, 06:50:16 PM
the "Launch Request Monitor" was replaced by "Live Help" link. 

About your issue you must try the following:

1.- Open Admin control pannel and click on Live Help (this will open a window)
2.- On another page or computer visit your support page and clic on the live chat logo
3.- A window will appear where you'll need to select the department and enter the nick.
4.- Afeter clic on "Request Chat" you must me able to see that the Admin Window starts blinkiing asking you to decide to accept or deny the chat

Try those steps and tell us what happened

pdt: the version you are using is old, install manually the newest version that has some fixes

Title: Re: Advice needed please!
Post by: banka on February 08, 2008, 12:47:06 AM
Hi Victor, i done what you suggested but i am getting the same response's as my original post.

Whenver i click initiate, or request chat they just seem to be dead links.
I dont see any window within admin that is blinking, and asking me to accept or deny the chat.

i will pm you my login details if you want? I dont mind donating to HelpCenterLive if i can get this thing going.


Title: Re: Advice needed please!
Post by: victor on February 14, 2008, 07:08:37 PM
send me your details via pm so I can try it from here

Title: Re: Advice needed please!
Post by: oraclesoon on February 20, 2008, 09:45:38 AM
When you do testing, you may use Firefox to act as visitor and IE to act as support operator.

Chat Request initiated by visitor
In Firefox (visitor), go

In IE (operator), go
and login, click on "Launch Request Monitor" or "Live Help". A new window named Request Monitor will pop up.

Now, the image icon in Firefox will become Online. Click on the Online icon and fill in the rest and click through.

Back to IE, the Request Monitor will show incoming chat request.

Chat Request initiated by operator
Close the previous Firefox chat window.

Open Firefox again, go and wait.

In IE Request Monitor, click Initiate.

You'll see Firefox pops up an icon, saying operator wants to chat with you.