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Title: Reporting Bugs
Post by: HCL Admin on June 14, 2007, 12:29:29 AM
You may add bugs to the bug tracker at the our Eventum page.  You may create an account there and thus be able to track your submissions.  Work may be done on an anonymous reporting page in the future.

The URL for the project page is: (

When posting a bug, it's usually good form to search the bugs and ensure that no one else has posted it.  If they have, and you have further information, please feel free to add a comment.  It may be that you have the information we need to track it down.

If you have a new bug, please include as much information as possible.  Include the version of HCL your using, and if possible the version numbers of PHP, MySQL, and what webserver.  Be detailed.  Again, the more information we have, the more likely we can track down the bug.

If we can not find the bug, and it appears to be a local issue, this forum is for you.  Also, once a bug is posted feel free to discuss it in this forum.  Bugs rarely live long in the light of day, but sometimes a hotfix is needed until the next release of HCL.  This will help ensure that Bugs are where the developers can find them, but still leverage the community for help.

EDIT: Updated bug reporting site.

Title: Re: Reporting Bugs
Post by: kashif on March 17, 2012, 03:53:36 AM
Hi friends, I know that bug is a run-time errors.  I agree with my friends but i wanted to give the some own suggestion also.  Suppose when you are doing the programming in the any language then some time the bug can occurs , the reason is that you can't give all the information which is needed or you can't include the some packages which is needed to compile it . 
So ,please provide all the header files to the own program , i hope that the bug are not come in your program.
Lots of love , thanking you .

Title: Re: Reporting Bugs
Post by: alanbr00 on March 23, 2012, 11:32:14 PM
Hi guys, i have tried to post at Eventum page but i'm getting db error.

So i will post here.

I have a linux host below i will post all the info about my host:
Versão cPanel    11. 30. 6 (build 6)
Versão Apache    2. 2. 22
Versão PHP    5. 3. 8
Versão MySQL    5. 1. 56-log
Arquitetura    x86_64
Sistema operacional    linux
Caminho para Perl    /usr/bin/perl
Versão Perl    5. 8. 8
Versão Kernel    2. 6. 18-238. 19. 1. el5
cPanel Pro    1. 0 (RC1) 

And my HCL version is 2. 1. 7

So the bug is the follow:

Every time the i install HCL i try to acess the admin page or the client page and i get this error:
Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home/tanamao/public_html/hcl/class/include. php on line 156

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/tanamao/public_html/hcl/class/include. php:156) in /home/tanamao/public_html/hcl/index. php on line 34

Thanks everyone!

Title: Re: Reporting Bugs
Post by: Akhilesh on June 01, 2012, 07:07:48 AM
Hi alanbr00,

Deprecation problem is coming beacuse you are using PHP 5. 3.  You can resolve this issue but even after resolving all the bugs, it will not work in PHP 5. 3.  Hope is still on HCL ver 3.   :(

Check it out: hxxp: hcl. uservoice. com/forums/33957-general/suggestions/2641720-installation-php-5-3-deprecation-issues

If you make it work then please tell me also.