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Title: Customize the monitor??
Post by: bobena on March 20, 2008, 04:07:11 PM
You know how on the monitor it shows if people are logged into the system or not?  I can't remember the original language, we changed it a bit - but it's basically if the monitor window is open or not...

Is there any way we can change this to show if operators are:
Available (able to take a chat)
Chatting (in the midst of 1 or more chats)
Offline (monitor open, but set to offline)
Unavailable (not logged in at all)

(We don't use the client monitor part)

All I really need to know is how - in the database - I can tell if someone is in the middle of a chat, and how to tell if they are set as offline - I think I can manage the coding (I hope).