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Title: Some doubt as to the future of eTicket
Post by: HCL Admin on June 23, 2007, 02:11:05 PM
Looks like eTicket may not be stable enough to continue building modules for.  There is a serious bug in eTicket that could corrupt it's database if you open the configuration section and select the module. 

At this point I have to highly recommend that if your using eTicket, do your admin work from the native eTicket screen.  If your not using eTicket, I can't recommend installing it.  I'm going to pull the download today.  If eTicket starts being actively developed again I may bring it back, but at this point I'm quite concerned about what other bugs are in the system, and this one is a killer bug. 

I've done some work inside of eTicket and at this point I have to stop.  I'd love to be everything to everybody, however I have a rather large project I'm developing (called HCL), and really can't afford the time right now to help them with their efforts.

This is not a reflection on the eTicket developers, or eTicket.  The modules require that things be done in an odd way to make it appear smooth.  However the above bug has been noted by many people on their forums with little support.  Until it's fixed, eTicket is fairly well dead in the water.

If others who know PHP wish to take up the task, I'll do everything I can to assist, however I simply can not spend the time trying to decipher what they intend to do in their code. 

Title: Re: Some doubt as to the future of eTicket
Post by: hm2k on September 25, 2007, 11:35:23 AM
As developer of eTicket I disagree with this statement. ;)