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Title: help plz - installing eticket
Post by: madcap699 on June 24, 2007, 05:28:08 AM
I do not have a lot of php knowledge. But I have installed tons of scripts.
I installed hcl works fine. I de-activated osTicket no problem I activated Eticket and installed it no problem. However when I go to admin the Eticket in the hcl admin panel I get this.

Fatal Error:Include directory does not exist.
eTicket Help

Which makes sense cause thats what osticket has in it. is the include dir. but eTicket has just an inc/ directory. I need to get this working. I am completely stumped please someone help!

note; I renamed the dir. to includes then the eticket admin doesnt work and in hcl admin instead of getting the fatal error message it just shows the word eticket but doesn't load the module. so I changed it back to inc/

Title: Re: help plz - installing eticket
Post by: HCL Admin on June 24, 2007, 05:38:18 AM
Sounds like your missing files.  The archive is setup to be put up into the root HCL directory.  Note however that eTicket isn't behaving at all, and there is some question if it will be continued.  It simply is not at a production stage, and there seems to be some issues building in their forums about issues being ignored that have been shown to corrupt it's MySQL tables.

I had hoped that eTicket would be fairly seamless, however it now appears that there is almost as many bugs in eTicket as osTicket (albeit they don't seem to cause the server to be compromised). 

I'm not saying that with time they will get everything sorted out, but at this point there is exactly one coder on Help Center Live, and I have to pick my fight, so to speak.  Fixing their issues isn't on the agenda, at this point my best advice is to disable eTicket until we see if they come up with a fix for the DB issue.

Until then, I'd be happy to help you sort this issue out.

Title: Re: help plz - installing eticket
Post by: madcap699 on June 24, 2007, 05:46:04 AM
man thank you so much for the fast response. If I can't get this running is there a way just to have a simple email form show up instead of the ticket system? when there is no operator present?

Also when you say install it in the root directory, I put the eticket folder inside the module folder where osticket is since eticket came in a folder marked modules. should eticket reside as its own folder in the root directory?

THanks I love this script I have used other live scripts but this one is simple clean and beatuiful I would love to get it working.
lastly should I have a folder called includes in eticket. cause I don't have one and I downloaded it right from this site. I have a folder called inc/

thanks for the super fast response.

Title: Re: help plz - installing eticket
Post by: HCL Admin on June 24, 2007, 06:03:53 AM
includes is part of the HCL core. 

You should have the following inside of the zip file:


I'm not going to list every file, since I'm hand typing it out.  But you get the idea.  If your eTicket directory doesn't have this, you need to go back and look at the zip file again.