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Title: A few suggestions
Post by: Corey on June 25, 2008, 06:20:19 PM
Hey guys,

I just have a few suggestions.   

1.  Rename "HCL Admin" to "Jason" or "Jason Alexander".  With most decent software the developers go by their real names.  Peter (osTicket), Keir (vBulletin), Mike Sullivan (vBulletin), Jeff Lewis (SMF), Chris Boulton (MyBB), Paul (miniBB).   

I think it makes the software look more professional and lets the users of the software know who they are dealing with. 

2.  Change the user title on "HCL Admin" from "Administrator" to "Lead Developer" or "Developer".  Again, it's a more professional look and lets users know who they are dealing with.

3.  You may want to prune the forum posts.  I'm not saying delete them all, but you may want to go through some of them and delete them depending on if there good or not for support.   

4.  Re-organize the forum boards and categories.  Currently the forum is sloppy.   

5.  This isn't needed really, but helpcenterlive. com/smf/ would be better as helpcenterlive. com/community/ or helpcenterlive. com/forum/.   

6.  Send a newsletter to all current users who have an account on the forum telling them that their is a new owner and development will continue.  You guys may of already did this, but I'm not sure.   

Anyways, I'll have more later.