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Title: Sessions issues on a distributed server
Post by: nickwest on July 01, 2008, 04:25:17 PM
I didn't see an area to submit bugs or to suggest features but there is a critical bug (unless I overlooked a config option) within HCL.  On a distributed server HCL has all sorts of session issues because the user is switched between multiple mirrored boxes but the session is left on whatever box they were on.  In order to preserve sessions across boxes in a distributed environment they need to be stored in the database and I don't see anywhere in the HCL code that accounts for this. 

Did I miss a config option somewhere for DB Sessions? Or are distributed servers currently not supported by HCL? I've been working on a work around to capture the session to the DB on session close and reload it on session open but I'm still running into some strange session issues. 

Really though, this is more of a bug report/feature suggestion.  I know it will be difficult to test if a distributed server environment is not available to the Development team but I would suggest that this be addressed so HCL can be used on such server setups.