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Title: Clicking on Live help doesnt work
Post by: thesoftwareguy on July 08, 2008, 06:02:08 PM


I assigned operators and department.  But when I click on live help to launch the monitor all I see is a message in firefox about errors on the page.  I tried IE as well same thing.  I am running this on MAC OS X 10. 5.

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Title: Re: Clicking on Live help doesnt work
Post by: BYTEmySITE on July 11, 2008, 02:03:22 AM

For the record, we love all things MacOS.   And we use several flavors.   Our highest current MacOS is 10. 4, but I see no reason why you would have any trouble with MacOS 10. 5

Now from your post, it seems your saying you can't open the OPERATOR SIDE to monitor.   Is this right?

If so, that narrows the issue a bit.   Have you tried using another computer?  maybe a friend or an Internet cafe for example?  It would help to narrow the problem further.   So we know if the problem is more local to your MacOS.

Also, it would be good to make sure your installation is not at fault.   So, have you verified that a Website visitor can open a CHAT REQUEST?  Even if your currently unable to open the OPERATOR SIDE, the VISITOR SIDE should still stry to connect, and offer to send email if no OPERATOR.

Again, if YES, then we would be back your your end, rather than the software, see.

So, do a little testing and post the results here for ALL to see please.   That's what the forum is for.

Then, if want some help, drop by and post a Help Ticket, or maybe get lucky and find us online for CHAT when you get there.

   www. BYTEmySITE. org/HelpDesk

Ok, either way, the key to success with this kind of problem, is test, test, and test again.   So that your darn sure what does not work, and what does.   Cool.

Have a great day.