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Title: Taken the plunge - water?!
Post by: Talvenloppu on July 21, 2008, 01:21:13 PM
I stopped dithering and installed via Fantastico :)  HCL is now sitting in its folder waiting, in case anyone hasn't figured this out: the address is case sensitive  ;D  Looks fine (I need to make a load of changes but we'll get to that)  BUT how do I get the admin section up?  How do I stop being off-line?  How do I keep records of chats?   ...  help?

Title: Re: Taken the plunge - water?!
Post by: Talvenloppu on July 21, 2008, 02:34:34 PM
Ok,  so for anyone who doesn't know out there ... simply navigate to the subdirectory in the folder where you installed hcl and bingo:-  the admin section!   Looked good, but couldn't get it to work.   I logged in but it kept telling me that I wasn't logged in.  I could find a way to "boot" (change operator status to off-line) but no way to "unboot" or whatever the term is.  So I upgraded to 2,1,7 ... and this has not gone to plan :( but that's another ticket :)

Title: Re: Taken the plunge - water?!
Post by: ScriptJunkie on August 02, 2008, 01:14:40 AM
Installs through fantastico typically email you all the info (i. e.  your login name, password, and URL for admin log on).

Did you take a look at it?

If you manually upgraded to 2. 17, there's no notifying email from fantastico - so you will have needed to pay attention during the install process.

For me, as soon as I finished the install of 2. 17, it launched the admin sign in page automatically, which allowed me to bookmark it to find it for future reference.

Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Taken the plunge - water?!
Post by: Talvenloppu on August 02, 2008, 08:11:42 AM
Thanks scriptjunkie.

No, Fantastico didn't email me anything that I recall. But as I posted, I figured out how to get to the admiin section in the end.  The upgrade to 2.1..7 was a mess though.  Can't imagine why you'd be interested but my thread about that's here:;msg2767#msg2767

It might be a real help if you could post a simple step by step instruction for installing 2.1.7 ?  There's nothing on this site that helps so I had to just wing it.  Tried getting help here but it's a bit empty of life.  So, having tried to get answers to the HCL enigma for the whole of July I finally gave up a couple of days ago and went for an Onlinechatcenter solution instead!  Now I have a fully featured chat center up and running.  I'd still prefer to have been able to use HCL but time waits for noone and I had to get on.

Thanks for your help, glad you had a TOTALLY different experience to me, but confused as to why that should have been.  Nothing sprang to life for me!  :( Never mind, water under the bridge.

Good luck :)