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Title: Contribution to documentation possible?
Post by: Talvenloppu on July 23, 2008, 09:46:10 AM
Coming back and forth here, it seems to me as if a lot of people here are having similar problems.  Looking at the post views v. post replies suggests that many more people are having these problems than are actually posting.  As there seems to be a small community here does anyone out there know if it would be possible in some way to contribute to the documentation here?  For instance, ByteMySite always advises upgrading to 2.0.7 but the instructions here all refer to much older versions.  Or again, simply telling people how to access and use the Admin section would help IMHO.  There is really no documentation on HCL and some basic stuff is all that's necessary in the first instance.  Or am I missing the point?  Happy to write what I know ... which is not a great deal. I have tried to input what I have found via my own posts!  A little wacky but it may have helped someone.