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Title: Gathering End User Information
Post by: Geneticus on August 08, 2008, 03:53:30 PM
I would like the ability to dynamically add questions to the user request page.  For exampple when using hcl in a helpdesk environment, it would be nice to be able to capture a system Serial Number, NT/Novell Username, Email Username etc.  and store it in the db.  With this information in place we could generate statistical as well as audit reports.  We could also use this information to add a module to talk to our ticketing system that would allow operators to create tickets without having to copy/paste the library of congress into the appropriate fields.

Even better would be a decision tree that would bot ask the user some questions about their issue and then serve different requierd fields based upon thier responses.  For example the Cust.  is provided with a list of supported areas: Email, Workstation, Printer, Network, Telephony.
If the User selects Workstation issues we serve 3 fields, Serial Number, Room, and Desk #. 
If the User selects Email we ask for thier Email Username.
If the User selects Network we ask for the # of systems down, the room numbers, and IP addresses of the switch(es) involved.