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Title: New installation - operator and client errors
Post by: NeilLamka on August 16, 2008, 07:05:54 PM
I have been trying to get HelpCenterLive 2. 1. 7 working properly for me and (while close) still have 2 issues that I have not figured out.

1)  On both the operator console and (more importantly) in the end user chat window I'm getting the following error

Error in my_thread_global_end(): 1 threads didn't exit

Does anyone know what causes this or how to suppress the error if it is not doing any harm? (Sorry, I'm not a php programmer).

2) In the client chat window, when the user ends the chat I'm getting a "Runtime error has occured"
Error: Permission denied
Line:  282

This appears to be in the class/js/include. php file on the statement
if (parent. window. opener. CoBrowse) { parent. window. opener. CoBrowse. track = false;}

With the reference to "CoBrowse" I was just guessing that this was related to trying to use cobrowse but the code I generated had the cobrowse box unchecked. 

This only seems to be an issue with IE 7.  On FireFox 3 on the client side I don't see either the thread did not exit message echoed there or the permission errors although with FireFox the response to sending a message is very, very slow for some reason.

Any ideas?