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Title: Beta 2 of HCL 2.1.3 is available
Post by: HCL Admin on June 27, 2007, 12:13:00 AM
First things first:


Ok, we've finally gotten things to a good point to release the beta.  You won't find a ton of changes, this is a maintainance release, however it does not include any kind of ticket system.  If there are no issues, then some minor changes will take place (mostly versioning) and it would be released.  However there probably will be an issue or two to take care of, in which case we may release a new beta, or a release candidate.

Some changes in 2.1.3:

  - Provided work around for PHP 5.2.2 bug in core
  - Removed osTicket and eTicket
  - Fixed issue with themes not working correctly in eTicket on
    PHP 5.2.3
  - Fixed issue with initiate chats not working, put more real world timeouts into config
  - Added more bots to the bot killer (about 40 more)
  - Fixed some SQL issues with Windows servers.
  - Fixed a bug in the Portuguese language file.
  - Fixed a couple of bugs in setup
  - Added a config option to prevent operators from being able to delete transcripts (in config.php, add $conf['opdelete']=true; to turn on)

Most of the feature requests placed in the tracker have not been started here.  The reason is that the development cycle for even a minor version will be more then a week or so.  Figure on 1 to 2 months at least.  Major version changes will probably not happen in less then a year.  If more developers become involved, this could change.

Please feel free to post bugs in this announcement, for ease of finding them and getting them squashed, or if you like, use our tracker directly.

More info and download on the release page (

Title: Re: Beta 2 of HCL 2.1.3 is available
Post by: HCL Admin on June 28, 2007, 12:25:54 PM
Amazingly, there was an error in the original beta file, which was repaired last night, which was a result of the Microsoft Zip compression allowing junk into the zip.  I've now learned my lesson, however no one has commented that the Beta failed.  It was only while helping someone get it installed that we found the issue.

Folks, please download the beta, and if you have ANY problem, please let us know.  Because no one said anything the download was available for 24 hours with a bad file.  Post here, post in the install support forum, just please post.  We need to know if there are any issues or we'll be releasing a version that is bad, and that doesn't get the problem fixed, it hides it and keeps us from being able to get good software to you all.

Right now the only issue seems to be with installation on a plesk based windows platform.  Because other windows users have installed it, but not reported issues, I have to assume that it's something local to that machine.  I don't like assuming, I'm already an ass... :D

If you've installed and everything looks good, please after a few days of playing with it, let us know.  It helps get the final version out and we can move on to building 3.0.0.  I promise 3.0.0 will be worth having.  2.1.x will end with having trouble tickets.  3.0.0 will introduce some facilities that will allow knowledgebase/faq support, and a new application interface that will allow native OS apps that get rid of the issues of the operator interface.  Not to mention more configurability then the current version allows.

Title: Re: Beta 2 of HCL 2.1.3 is available
Post by: haha0123 on October 29, 2010, 05:40:34 AM
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