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Title: CoForm & Browse + Joomla
Post by: gwgaming on October 29, 2008, 12:48:16 AM
Hello all,

We're have great difficulty getting the CoBrowse and CoForm working - I've checked over the config. php and the "monitor site traffic" variable is true.  I've generated the code and placed it into a site 'module' within the website; I've tried all the code options available. 

The general features, chat/e-mail submission etc are fantastic and work without a problem.  I just can't see when a visitor is on the website, and therefore not able to initiate a chat with them.

Using Joomla v1. 5. 7 - could someone shed some light on the best setup possible to get HCL working as it should?

Also, great software - loving the interface and simplicity of installation; just a few niggling issues which good documentation would solve :)


Title: Re: CoForm & Browse + Joomla
Post by: SpenserJ on June 11, 2009, 04:41:44 PM
And I have used joomla for clients and I have had no problems with that. It all comes down to preference ;) As for the cobrowse and such, I am fairly sure it is mostly broken right now and only works in a few setups. If you can, hold out for v3, it should have something that works

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