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Title: can't online chat, but can see ip's etc
Post by: avatar on January 18, 2009, 10:33:07 PM
hi guys,

(first some info: installed the hcl on a apache server 2 .   0  ,mysql 4.   1, php 4, help center live version 2.   1.   7,   browsers: firefox, ie7, safari,   CMSms 1.   5.   1, work is done with cuteftp pro and by host provided plesk serveradminsystem) I've searched the web and the forum but unsuccesfull so far, therefore I hope you can help me.   

Help center live would not work for me on a site develloped under cmsms.       I've used it in a other site (static html ) at the same hostingprovider and that works perfect.     

When live help switched on, the system shows the operator is online, also the sound notification if someone's entering the website is working.        In the little operators window the ip info is visible of the visitors, but the help center live  image shows "off line" and chat cannot take place.     

Could this be something with the .   htaccess file in my root? that file fix some "pretty url" settings for cmsms and trough mod rewrite engine of apache, also some rules to prevent some hacking attempts on cmsms are in the.  htaccess file.  .  .  

Anyone any ideas???

Kind regards,