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Title: Documentation - I must be missing a lot??
Post by: Joe Beauchamp on February 11, 2009, 08:09:08 PM
There are problems with HCL, of course, but overall, it seems very workable.   A big problem is I can't find info.

It says you get an indication when a page has a "hot page string".   What is a hot page string?  I can't believe you can have a section of admin dedicated to it but no informatoin on how to create it, what it looks like, etc.

Every time I tried to generate "image" code, hcl (2. 1. 7) gets FNF.   What are these different things?  I've tried generating them all and seeing what they do.   This stuff has to be written down somewhere, right?

What is co-form?  What is co-browse?  Where would you use invisible code?

One thing I found was that the text generation properly figures out if the operator is online for that department but the html generation does not.   If the operator is not available for any department, it shows offline.

When I use the text string, a nice little chat box shows up.   When I use html string, it takes a whole freakin window for the chat.   I played around a lot and found a way to use the html (so the button would properly show online/offline) and when clicked get the nice little chat box.   So, what did I break?  Why is that not standard?  Why would someone want to have a huge window with a little chat?  (And, when I put any of this code in my web editor {Site Studio Pro 6} it complains about "domain 1" in javascript barfing . .  OK, annoying but easily liveable).

I put a picture in for me as an operator -- it disappeared.   I don't know why, where it went.   I'm guessing that maybe the picture depends upon the name of the person and I am admin and myself but with the same name, maybe that's it?  No clue.   Not important, though.

I don't get an indication of which department the client wants to talk to.   Some nice fields at the bottom of my chat box, but nothing filled in (also, says I've been online for a zillion years or something, but I don't care about that).   Should I have set something up?  I want to reply to the client appropriately.

I'd like to use it across a few websites (buy house, sell houses, whatever else), but haven't tried it and am guessing that I'll have problems with departments, etc.  showing up when I don't want the client to see that he is on "buy houses" and I have a "department" for "sell houses" or whatever.   I don't even know if this is workable or I need to have a chat box for each site separately on my PC (big yuck!).

Why, when a user has to leave a message/email, does the box send it and go back to have him leave another email?  It should close at that point.   Is that something I can fix?
Are the emails at all protected again SPAM? [It is incredible what junk I get in my contact forms - like I'm going to buy viagra because a pointer was put in there 10 times?  Well, I SPAM-guard now - don't see any type of facility for protection -- not worried until it starts happening. . . yet. . . ]

And on and on.

I've been all over this place, all over the install stuff from the zip file, all over the config files.   Where am I supposed to be looking for even the standard stuff, not including the problem areas?

I feel that HCL is fragile but has more comfortable features than the other system I was evaluating.   There is a lot that I don't understand - why certain things do what, what is done, what is available, etc.   And I'm just not finding those places with the info.

So, any help out there?  I feel like an idiot that I can't find the most rudimentary information on the features and how to use them.   [However, I burned a serious 50 hrs trying to find how to make my new blackberry work like a real PDA, my old samsung palm.   After that time, I found -- it can't - it's just a hyped-up toy for execs.   A simple 1 page of "the blackberry can do this and can't do that" would have saved all that time -- that doesn't exist, either.   Whoopie, it can do email, and some day it will do video like I've been doing on a trio with slingbox for years now.   But, can it keep secret data, like account numbers, secret?  Nope.   Can it search for "lockbox" so I can get the combo while I'm driving out to a house? Nope.  and on and on.   So, maybe HCL is the same way?  A big secret for only the in-crowd to know?  Yeah, I know. . .  crazy. . .  well, it has been frustrating.  I've designed networks, had hardware designed for me, written operating systems, etc.  and have trouble with this handy little system. . .  frustrating. .   HA!]

So, <uh> help?  thx -- Joe B.