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Title: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: HCL Admin on July 04, 2007, 11:20:24 AM
First things first:

Ok, we've finally gotten things to a good point to release the final version.  Due to over 100 downloads of RC1, and all issues taken care of via the hotfix system, I'm releasing 2.1.3.  Future releases of the 2.1.x versions will be done a little differently, not so much will be changed at a time, and Hotfixes will be released as we stomp bugs.  After 5 or 6 hotfixes, we'll wrap up a new package and release it as finished.

You won't find a ton of changes, this is a maintainance release, however it does not include any kind of ticket system.  Because the focus is on 3.0.0 and the new feature set (you all are going to love some of these features!), 2.1.x will be maintained and kept bug free while we get busy on the new system. 

Some changes in 2.1.3:

  - Provided work around for PHP 5.2.2 bug in core
  - Removed osTicket and eTicket
  - Fixed issue with themes not working correctly in eTicket on
    PHP 5.2.3
  - Fixed issue with initiate chats not working, put more real world timeouts into config
  - Added more bots to the bot killer (about 40 more)
  - Fixed some SQL issues with Windows servers.
  - Fixed a bug in the Portuguese language file.
  - Fixed a couple of bugs in setup
  - Added a config option to prevent operators from being able to delete transcripts (in config.php, add $conf['opdelete']=true; to turn on)
  - Updated Smarty template engine (required for windows installs)
  - Updated PHP Mailer class

Most of the feature requests placed in the tracker have not been started here.  The reason is that the development cycle for even a minor version will be more then a week or so.  Figure on 1 to 2 months at least.  Major version changes will probably not happen in less then a year.  If more developers become involved, this could change.

Please feel free to post bugs in the core development board, for ease of finding them and getting them squashed, or if you like, use our tracker directly, visit however do note that it uses a separate login system then the forums and portal site.

Downloads are available on the Source Forge page:

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: fadirocks on July 22, 2007, 02:13:36 AM
I noticed that
true or false wasn't added to config file on a fresh install of 2.1.3a which I downloaded from
Please add it on 2.1.3b and thank you :D

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: HCL Admin on July 22, 2007, 04:35:14 AM
Don't forget to check the hotfixes from time to time, very important stuff in there.  Like when people release versions that are missing config directives... :)

One of the things that will soon be added is a automatic download system, which can be configured to download hotfixes, and even system updates automatically.  Not sure if this will be backported to the 2.1.x versions or not, as it's non-trivial.

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: humaneasy on July 23, 2007, 03:05:01 PM
Great news.

Great move to Drupal too  ;)

This move to SMF meant the lost of all older posts right?
And also all older users where ditch too  :-\

Well! Neverthless, I'm back again too.

8) Lopo

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: HCL Admin on July 23, 2007, 04:01:39 PM
Actually, we call 2.1.3 the Phoenix release as it's the rebirth of HCL.  Mike Bird who did such a great job on HCL needed to focus on other projects, so at this point, I've stepped in to keep HCL going.  The old databases were most likely deleted to protect peoples privacy, so we didn't have them to work with when we rebuilt. 

In some ways rebuilding the community has been a little harder then getting 2.1.3 out.  However we have a great group of members and I'm quite optimistic about HCL's future.  Some people may have noticed that the copyrights have changed, HCL belongs to the community, which is just awesome!

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: Michael on June 29, 2008, 07:28:42 PM
Quote from: HCL Admin link=topic=88. msg573#msg573 date=1183544424
Downloads are available on the Source Forge page: hxxp: sourceforge. net/projects/helpcenterlive

Sorry, but i can't download it. .  And if i try to download it on helpcenterlive. com i got error. .  Someone there have a link there works?

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: HCL Admin on June 29, 2008, 09:25:30 PM
2.1.7 is the release.. there was a bug with it, once that's fixed we'll re-up it..

Title: Re: HCL 2.1.3 Released
Post by: haha0123 on October 29, 2010, 05:39:34 AM
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