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Title: No live support
Post by: zion on April 19, 2009, 08:07:42 PM
Hi, I'm trying the last downloadable version (2. 1. 7) of hcl ad I'm amazed! I installed it on my home server (slackware 12. 0 / apache 2 / php 5 / mysql 5) and there everything work fine.  But I installed it also in an italian hosting server - hosted by aruba. it - (Apache 2. 2, PHP 5. 2. 8, MySQL 5. 0. 45), and when I open the Live Support window, it results OFFLINE and it gives me any information on the web traffic monitor.  It is impossible to give any live support too.  It happens often, not always but very often! I have no idea of why of it, and I can't get rid of this problem.  Any suggestion?