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Title: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: MF1590 on May 13, 2009, 03:41:38 AM
Hello all,

I just installed HCL 2.   1.   7 and it pretty much works completely.      

There is one problem though: I can not initiate a chat from the operator side.      
When clicking initiate I have to select the department and click initiate again.      
Then the window disappears and nothing happens on the client side.      
The operator side switches to Status: Chatting, but nothing happens.      

--> There is no problem if the client is requesting a chat: this works great.    

Have tried multiple browsers configurations on both sides (client/operator, Safari/Opera/Firefox/IE)
Windows XP, Server: Linux, Apache, PHP 5.   2.   8, My SQL 5.   0.   45 (according to phpinfo.   php)
Have created the image code with CoBrowse and CoForm.

I have read through a lot of the posts but couldn't find something that fits and fixes.      
Have added the aardvark fix for IE and Firefox.      

Anybody running into the same problem?

Besides this point I am looking into the problem with the sound notifications for incoming chat requests without speakers installed.      
Is there a visual notification coming in the new version so the taskbar is going to start blinking or the window gets pushed into the front? Have seen the post to make the title change but would prefer the blue window blinking or even better the window getting pushed to the front.      

Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: SpenserJ on May 13, 2009, 05:32:03 AM
So initiating from the client side works fine? But initiating from the operator side doesn't? Try installing Firebug for Firefox ( and see if that gives any errors for client or server when you go through that process

As for the sound issue, I am not sure if there is anything planned like that for V3, however an addon should be possible that does it. Or even a simple patch. But you SHOULD be able to get sound if you follow the steps here (


Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: MF1590 on May 13, 2009, 05:52:51 PM
Hello Spenser,

1) thanks for your reply - this is correct, the client can initiate the chat without a problem, but the operator can not. 

 I have installed Firebug and am now logged into the operator screen via Firefox.   It comes up with this error: (on both ends with Firefox):

nsSessionStore.  js: (line 1909)
[Exception.  .  .   "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMLocation.  host]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/components/nsSessionStore.  js :: sss_saveState :: line 1909" data: no]
[Break on this error] this.  _writeFile(this.  _sessionFile, oState.  toSource());

I cant really interpret the error (NS = name service?)
Do you?

2) The sound is working when using IE but I am looking for a visual notification since we dont want to use speakers.   Would like the window to come up to the front if there is a chat request or at least the taskbar blinking so I can get the operators attention to the chat request. 

3) I have another problem where my operator screen keeps refreshing itself all 10 seconds, even though there is no activity from the page, not sure if this is connected to the error from 1, it happens only sometimes, but I cant stop the constant refresh currently. 

I'd like to focus on point 1 (and if connected to point 3) will handel point 2 seperately. 

Thanks for your input!

Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: SpenserJ on May 13, 2009, 08:49:54 PM
1) Okay, the nsSessionStore.js error is a random bug within firefox and you can ignore that. Did you ctrl-f5 (cache free refresh) it a couple times to see if there are any other errors? For instance, I sometimes get this on FF3 for OSX:
document.getElementById("aardvark_div_" + object) is null
[Break on this error] };"GET", this.url, Image(); this.image.src = this.url;}
include....p?monitor (line 163)

2) Currently there aren't any modifications that do that as far as I know, however if you are up for diving into the code I am sure you could add it. But getting this to actually work is more important ;)

3) Does that refreshing happen in all browsers too? I have noticed it on my computer sometimes (but can't remember which browsers as I have been testing many to build a compatibility list (

I figured I may as well answer as much as I can at once. Numbering them should keep it separate enough, unless you want to start a new topic (if you are interested in working on a patch that flashes the window instead)


Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: alicia on May 16, 2009, 05:19:56 AM
I am having a similar issue. . .
If pop up blocker is turned off, chat can be initiated in IE 7.
Nothing so far will make it happen in mozilla. . .

My issue is a bit more complicated. .
My site is on www. domain. com, to avoid conflicts with our mail server.   My true domain www. domain2. com  is parked and people can access the full site including HCL through it.
However, when they do, I can not initiate chat with them.

Also I've noted since applying the Mozilla aardvark fix, the icon isn't as sensitive in IE as it was. . .  I didn't have to refresh to change online status. . . if I turned off the operator it automatically switched t offline and vice versa. .  Now, the webpage has to be refreshed for status to change. .   I really liked it the other way. . .  any ideas. . .

Thanks. . .

Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: SpenserJ on May 16, 2009, 06:26:29 AM
When you say "initiate" do you mean by clicking the initiate button in the operators window? or just becoming an operator in general? Install Firebug for Firefox ( and after restarting Firefox, try again 3 times and tell me any errors it gives you on any pages.

That is most likely either due to the requests being blocked as it is on the wrong domain (The browser is protecting your client from cross-site scripting) or a configuration issue. Again, try using Firebug and see if any errors happen. Also, check the logs on your server to see if any requests are failing.

Losing the sensitivity for IE is one of the downsides of the Firefox (aardvark) fix. There is nothing you can do about it unless you want to help fix the bugs in HCL.


Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: MF1590 on May 16, 2009, 01:45:51 PM
Hello all,

1) Spenser, I get another error sometimes (Operator window, trying to initiate a chat with the customer) - Permission denied to call method Location. toString (no more details) - could there be a permission problem? I will double check my installation and folder permissions.

Thanks Alicia for bringing up the 2 different domains, I also have my website on a different domain than the HelpCenterLive.  But the customer can initiate a chat without a problem (which would be also cross-site scripting?!) - As Operator I am not able to initiate the chat with the client - the window just disappears and nothing happens anymore.

--> How would it look like on the client side if a operator is initiating a chat? Never saw it - is it a popup window where client has to accept? It doesnt happen for me. 
Considering reinstalling the complete packet to check if something was wrong.

2) After a little more testing I found out: IE does popup on the screen when the client requests a chat! (YAY) So we can work without speakers when using IE.  FF does NOT come up by itself! It stays minimized or in the background if the client requests a chat.

This behavior only applies to a chat request! - if the chat is already active and the client sends a message - the window does NOT get activated even with IE.  Only the beep is played.  Is there a way to get the window to be activated also if the client sends a message?

3) I had the 'refresh problem' the complete day yesterday with IE7.  It is pretty obvious with IE, a complete refresh is done all 10 seconds.  No solution found yet to stop this.  When using FF there is also a reload done (to be seen in status bar) but no obvious refresh of the screen (screen blinking).  Could this be a problem on the server side?

Here a table of my tests, maybe helpful.  (I did not apply the FF sound fix)

                                                                chat request from client      
operator  ;  client ;Operator request;  refresh;    window inactive;   window minimized   ;    chatting
IE 7. 057  ;   IE7     ;        nok      ;       normal ;   sound and popup;   sound and popup;   beep, no popup
IE 7. 057  ; FF3. 0. 10;      nok      ;       normal ;   sound and popup;   sound and popup;   beep, no popup
FF 3. 0. 10 ;  IE7      ;      nok    ;       normal ;   sound, no popup;   sound, no popup;   no beep, no popup
FF 3. 0. 10 ;  FF3. 0. 10;    nok      ;       normal ;   sound, no popup;   sound, no popup;   no beep, no popup

Let me know your thoughts - and enjoy the weekend!

Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: SpenserJ on May 16, 2009, 09:30:40 PM
that sounds like there is a bug in the code, possibly because of the aardvark fix.  Shouldn't be an issue with file permissions, but instead with the javascript code.  And I am actually not sure how initiating a chat would look, as I have never tried it before. It could be that the whole chat-initiation (from operator to client) is broken, and the only way to check would be a fresh, unmodified copy of the code tested in IE.

I can not say for sure how you would go about changing that, however if you dig into some of the code (clicking "profile" in firebug and seeing what comes up might work, or just viewing the code) you can probably find a spot to drop some code in to activate, or at least highlight (flash it in the task bar) the window.

Again, this could be (and is likely) due to the aardvark fix


Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: alicia on May 17, 2009, 01:11:59 AM
Michael if you were successful in initiating chat from your console to your guest, a  white rectangular box would appear on the page they are viewing.   It would give them the option of clicking or not. .

I get no errors. . . and I can as a guest initiate chats all day. . . its only as the operator where I have difficulty.

I just may have to forego that feature because of the way I must have my domains set up. . . . disappointing for me, but I still get the crux of the program. . .


Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: MF1590 on May 22, 2009, 02:36:00 PM
Hi Alicia and Spencer,

i found some time to dig into this again:

1) About the Problem 'Can not initiate chat from operator side' - no popup appears on client side:

A) I have reinstalled the complete application into a hcl2 directory (still 2 different domains):
Result: SAME! Can not initiate chat to client as an operator.  The other way works perfect (client requests a chat)

B) To check if the different domains make any difference I have installed the chat on another page with the SAME domain (www. domain. com/chat).
Result: SAME! Can not initiate chat to client as an operator.  The other way works perfect (client requests a chat)

I have found the picture that should come up on the client side when initiating a chat, its stored in \hcl\templates\Bliss\images\initiate. gif - but I cant get it to come up on the client side.

What am I doing wrong?

I have seen other posts in this forum where the initiate seems to work - but I cant get it done.
Need the function though since this is what I think we can push sales with.  The customer barely requests a chat, and if he does - I am also having the issue with the operators maybe in a call, priorities, multiple operators in 1 chat, chat request text doesnt disappear when other operator takes it, known issues as seen in the forum.

Is there another good open source chat out there that works better?
Keep me posted with your ideas - thanks!

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Title: Re: Can not initiate chat from operator side
Post by: alicia on May 22, 2009, 08:02:26 PM
Not that I expect I will be much help. .

But let me try to understand how you have the domains. . . vs how i have mine. . .

I have www. domain. com   and then i have www. domain1. com <which is my main domain parked and poined to the other>.   I have hcl on www. domain. com/hcl.

When I am on my site through www. domain. com and at my admin panel on www. domain. com/hcl/admin I can initiate chat from operator and have it pop up on www. domain. com.

When I am on www. domain1. com, and on www. domain. com/hcl/admin  I am unable to initiate chat to www. domain1. com.

So is yours set up in the same manner. . .  my novice brain got lost in  your post a bit. . .

As far as open source chat. .  I have not come across one better so far. . .